Frequently Asked Questions

What is Air Link TV?

This is a prepaid HDTV Service which is available to customers with any Internet speed of 5Mb and over, offering the most HD channels and reliable service in Guyana. Our Service is very user-friendly and gives you the best value for your money.

How do I qualify for Air Link TV?

The Air Link TV App is available to customers with an Internet speed of 5Mb and over. As well as an owner of an Amazon Firestick or Android Mobile Phone You can also purchase the Air Link TV Box at any of our Authorised Retailers. Visit

How much does Air Link TV cost?

Starter Pack (50+ channels)- $1500 Proper Pack (100+ channels)- $3200 Supreme Pack (140+ channels)- $5200

How many channels do I get in my package?

Air Link TV offers at this time three Packages, with the most HD Channels in Guyana. Starter Pack 50+ Channels Proppa Pack 100+ Channels Supreme Pack 140+ Channels

How do I choose/change my package?

Simply contact us via: Email: Facebook: Website Chat: Call: 620-LINK (5465)

Are my Local Guyana Channels Available?

Yes, Local channels are available on the prepaid service. Here you will find all the help you need. Read FAQs, locate and contact us, visit retailers and if you still need assistance, use the different channels to contact us.

Where can I Purchase?

You can purchase your Amazon Firestick or Air Link TV Box at any of our AUTHORISED RETAILERS or anywhere Amazon Fire Sticks are sold.

How long does it take before I am installed?

Installation can be done on the same day for all devices (Air Link TV Kit, Amazon Fire Stick, Android Mobile Phone.)

How do I Top Up my account?

Payment can be done at ALL GTT Mobile Money Locations (MMG). Or any Bill Express Location

What happens after I pay my bill?

Payments will be entered into your account the same day. If you wish to change your package, please contact us via Facebook or Webchat to indicate your desired package.

When should I pay my Bill?

Payment to your bill can be made anytime using MMG or Bill Express. We recommend that you pay before the 30 days to prevent the expiration of your subscription.

How is this Subscription Billed?

Being a prepaid service, there are no monthly bills, however, you must top up your account to ensure your subscription is renewed. Your subscription expires after 30 days.

Do I pay for the days I don’t watch TV/when my TV is off?

Once you top up, programming will expire in accordance with your chosen package, even if you do not turn on your TV every day during that period programming will not be available after your desired plan.

How many devices can I connect to my Account?

You can use up to 5 devices including Internet TV kits, Amazon Firesticks and Android Tablets/Phones.

How do Download and Install the Air Link TV App?

CLICK HERE for our installation manual